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Seeking Penfriends and E-mail Friends

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Seeking Penfriends and E-mail Friends

Hi everyone!
I'm a friendly,jokey,but with serious deep side,40 year old,single man looking for a long term,regular email pen friend.

I'm open minded and willing to discuss any subject,from trivial and fun to deep and serious.Any kind of character is good from quiet to extrovert as I'm a people person and get on with many different types of people.

So whether you'd like to discuss what's happening in your life,your interests,your hopes,your opinions,your deepest thoughts or even just have a joke sometimes that's all great to me :) .

I'm looking for a genuine female penpal any age. Id like her to be from the UK,Europe,USA,Australasia,Asia,Russia or Ukraine and English speaking.

My hobbies and interests are watching sports,walking dog,day trips out ,films,tv,music,going to cinema,history,nature,learning new things and loads of different stuff.

I would genuinely like to form a long term email friendship where we both feel comfortable to totally be ourselves.

If that sounds good to you then please don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Please no scammers,salespeople,copy and pasters ,lottery win help or anyone false.Also no time wasters.

Seeking Penfriends and E-mail Friends
hello my name is sybil mcnamara i was born in north devon but live in bristol now with my partner of 35 years i am 75 years of age i am still active and working i would like to corrospond with a country lady i love animals and have done a lot of animal rescue over the years

Seeking Penfriends and E-mail Friends
Hello everyone,
I am a 61 year old lady who would like to correspond via e mail or post and hopefully to make some new friends. I spent many years caring for my daughter and at the moment my son is living with me because he has some health issues. I work part time, but most of the people that I work with are much younger than I am, so although they are lovely people, I do feel that it would be nice to share life with people of my own age. When I'm not working I have a couple of very dear friends who I meet for coffee ocassionally, but neither of them use a computer so it is difficult to keep in touch as much as I would like. I hope that some of you will feel able to respond and that we can get to share something of our lives.

Seeking Penfriends and E-mail Friends
Retired, fit, professional man (59). Enjoys : walking, cycling, music, the arts, living abroad, life in fact.

Seeks fit, petite, slim, non-smoking, lady, English or French, for endless badinage.

Seeking Penfriends and E-mail Friends
Hi there, I've been writing to my nan since I was only 7 years old because we moved away and my grandad died. This December my nan sadly passed away and although I lead a very busy life, I always found the time to write a letter, or read her tales and words of wisdom. Since she's left ' I've felt very lonely and know that the thing that I will miss the most is knowing that a letter will shortly be on its way. I'm mid 20s, educated to degree level and currently work in local government. I'm happy to chat about anything but my main interests are world news, politics, public relations/media, or simply what has been happening on a day to day basis. One thing my nan would always say is that I could brighten her day with what I would write about and Although I'm not feeling very humorous at the moment I'm sure the jokes and sayings will come back to me once I find another like minded pen friend to talk to. I'm preferably looking for a senior lady who would like to share stories of their past and would like some company. My nan lived in sheltered accommodation and was rather isolated - it would be nice to know that I am able to bring some joy into someone else's grandmas life. I really miss my nan as you can tell and I know that she would be really happy to know that I was using my writing to help others.

Seeking Penfriends and E-mail Friends
My name is Claudio. i'm a language teacher from BENIN in west africa. i'm a civil servant and teach both French and English in a public school here in my hometown Portonovo. I'm very fascinated by Culture and language of Great Britain and would like to have friends and penpal friends there. However, i'm not interested in any business or money matter. just good friends! friends forever!

Seeking Penfriends and E-mail Friends
hi just found this site, Will add more later. Thought be nice way to find older friend to email and meet from timeto time, I am glasgow, SCotland. Thank you. Happy to talk to anyone. I do not bete, so say hello.

Seeking Penfriends and E-mail Friends
Hello everyone,
Just joined site.
I lost my husband last September, and would love to find lady e mail friends in a similar situation.
I am nearly 73 years old.
I see my daughter most days, but am still finding it really difficult to go out on my own.
We are hoping to move house soon, but it is a very stressful time.
Have varied interests when I can settle down including reading, internet, photography, walking and crafts.
Look forward to receiving some replies.

Seeking Penfriends and E-mail Friends
Hello, I am a single professional lady, still working, and have recently turned 60 but am told I don't look anywhere near my age! I would like to perhaps correspond with a single gentleman of my age group also with a professional background. I currently live and work in Edinburgh but am from the south of England originally and still have links down there. I would like to possibly move back down there one day. I would be interested to hear from someone in that area preferably, Hampsire, Dorset etc. My interests are particularly classical music, reading, creative writing and cultural visits. I am also a cat lover but don't currently own any animals.

Seeking Penfriends and E-mail Friends
I am married, 67 years young, and feeling very lonely and isolated since our youngest daughter left home. We have a10 year old cairn terrier who we take everywhere we go. My husband can't walk very far now so I walk the dog on my own. I have lost touch with all my old friends and desperately need to make new friends. Please get in touch soon.

Seeking Penfriends and E-mail Friends
Hi, Im a 54 yrs young female with a good sense of humour and would like to make some penfriends in other countries.I live on the south coast of the UK.
I like reading,music,dancing and love animals. I own two dogs and two cats myself.Given the opportunity Id love to travel. I have family in South Africa and would love to visit the USA. Maybe you can tell me lots about where to go?
If you have a young outlook on life and would like to share some stories and make a new friend then Id love to hear from you.Dont mind if your male or female but a female to share a laugh with would be nice.

Seeking Penfriends and E-mail Friends
Hi I am Monica and I am looking for a pen pal or an e-mail friend. I am 50 and married, I would like some one who is interested in music.poetry,gardening.pets,cooking, or would just like someone to write to. I am new at this, I love to listen and read I like music as does my husband.I am not looking for romance just a pen pal.e-mail pal. Am looking for I prefer a lady/gentleman pen-pal.I was in the medical field for many years,I am quiet,I exercise regularly, work with horses some,I love hearing about england,ireland, scotland , history if you have stories that you would like to share, I am interested in persons 50years and older, I live in the united states of america.,Thank you Monica

Seeking Penfriends and E-mail Friends
my name is lynne I am 57.
I live in london. I like 50s,60s music.
I like writing poetry.Looking for friends to e.mail and meet up.

Seeking Penfriends and E-mail Friends
I am an active, healthy, fully employed male pensioner (70yrs) enjoying life to the full. I work full time as a 1 to 1 personal healthcare assistant to a genleman without family. I am able to work and live half of the year in the Algarve, Portugal and the other half in the U.K. Plus other places for holiday breaks. I am seeking lady friends who I can e-mail letters to so as to give me that added interest. do'nt be fooled by my age because I can still party the night (and day) away. Although I do like home life and surroundings etc:

Seeking Penfriends and E-mail Friends
Educated Christian lady, 73, animal lover, very keen sense of humour, loves driving, countryside, reading painting... would like to correspond with anybody with similar interests.

Seeking Penfriends and E-mail Friends
Hello, I have just joined PTP, thought it would be nice to correspond with people from UK. I live in Cheshire. I have many interest, including jazz, whist,bridge, and travelling, especially cruising. If anyone would like to correspond with me it would be so very nice to hear from you.

Seeking Penfriends and E-mail Friends
Hello everyone, My name is Sadie and I would love to find new long term penfriends. I am a creative soul - an actress and writer and love dogs, good food and wine, music, days out and learning about popular psychology and spiritual matters. I am always learning. I am a people watcher(material for my work). I enjoy helping people and am a good listener. I am a gentle, loyal happy person aged 51 and hope to get to know you.

Seeking Penfriends and E-mail Friends
Hello, I'm Maureen, age 61, would like to have pen pals in my age group or older. I will answer all e mails. Hope to hear from you soon. Maureen

Seeking Penfriends and E-mail Friends
Hi, I'm a 53 year old factory manager, seperated after many years of marriage, who would love to communicate with ladies in a similar situation. I live in West Sussex and have various interests, such as watching sports, visiting the theatre, comedy clubs,restaurants etc. I'm also quite keen on geneology, so spend quite a bit of time on my computer. If anyone would like to contact me, I'd love to hear from you. Steve.

Seeking Penfriends and E-mail Friends
Hi, i have just joined 2day.
My name is Valerie (val) (to my friends,) I am 56 yrs old, and am seeking a companion with whom i can share my interests with, i would like a e-mail friend or pen-pal to correspond with.
Also i am single, so you never know - i might also meet that special someone(who has been in hiding for far too many years now) to share my life my knight in shining armour out there??
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Kindest Regards,

Seeking Penfriends and E-mail Friends
Interests include reading, TV, radio. old film and crossword puzzles seeks penfriends at home or abroad.

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