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Interested in any info.on STERRY Shops in 1880s East ST Walworth + Old Dover RD Blackheath.Also descendants of Sterry,Pyett, Kerry familys from Rickinghall Suffolk .
Posted by - Anthony Huggins
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sterry shops
By paulsterry

My name is Paul Sterry and i would be interested in finding out about Sterry Shops in East Street and S.E.London, as i know my Grand mother used to own a Shop in london.I was also born in camberwell and grew up just around the corner from East Street market in Neate Street just off Wells Way.

Many Thanks
Sterry Shops
By tony
Hi Paul, My G/Grandfather Ellis Sterry owned the shops called the RM stores .I have a picture of one.As Ellis had 8 Daughters My Grandmother was one, i wonder who took over the shops . I know the one in East Lane was open in the 1970s as i worked in Walworth Rd but was not able to enquire as i did shop work . My E-Mail is anthuggins . I would be pleased to hear from you. Regards Tony.

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