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I have a marriage certificate for my grandfather which is dated 11/04/1908.

His name on the certificate is Frederick Wyndham though I suspect he had a middle name William. He married Ellen King and they had 8 children,

I have been unable to find a birth certificate for him nor does he appear on any census.

I am at a loss as to where to look now, does anyone have any ideas?
Posted by - Sue
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Gene Junction -
By kathleenkathlee
I am doing my family ancestry
and I key in bmd (births marriages and deaths) and will come up and there is a free site. I have found many births death and marriage registrations for my ancestors I had to guess a lot of the dates and it took some time,as you have his marriage cert it will show you his age at time of marriage and from that you will know his birth year you can then look for his birth registration, you can look at all quarters of his birth year. Once you have found his birth registrationyou can come out of there and key in GRO (government registration office) and from their you can order his birth cert cost seven pounds. Hope this helps

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