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John Burchett
John was born approx.1620 he died 1700 in East Dean.He married Ann Tworle (possibly his second marriage).He was a blacksmith.His children - John, Richard, William, Thomas and Nicholas.Any information on John would be great, his birth,baptism and his parents.
Posted by - Karen
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John Burchett
By depig6
I have put together some information about the Burchetts from late 16thC to mid 18thC. It is a combination of research by Ray Burchett and Sandra Shelley, the East Sussex Births Index at the East Sussex Record Office, the IGI. This last includes submissions to Family Search. However, both Ray and Sandra have checked against the parish registers and my own investigations at ESRO also concur.
If my document is of any interest, if only to open new research avenues, please let me know.
John Burchett
By junofest
Thanks for your reply.Yes I would be most interested in viewing your document
By depig6
Hallo junofest.

Sorry to have taken so long to reply. My conection with the Burchetts is through Mary Ann Burchett, daughter of Samuel Burchett and Mary Harmer marreid 9.11.1783. Mary Anne married Henry Fuller, my 3x great grandfather. Hope the following helps:

The Burchctt Family - late C 16th to mid C 18th
Much of the following is compiled from data researched by Ray Burchett of Newhaven and Sandra Shelley of Eastbourne. Other information has been taken from the IGI, some of which is from submissions by LDS church members, the Family Search Beta site, and from the BVRI, which is based mainly on extracts from parish registers. Much has been checked against parish registers by both the above parties while other items still require verification. Many of the early dates are from the East Sussex Births Index, but have not been verified against parish records.
Extracted entries from IGI cover the following individuals and tie in with details from RB and the slips in ESBI.
(Names in bold are, by calculation from the information from RB and SS, my ancestral line.
Richard Burchett bap 27.12.1594 Eastbourne Fa: John
Richard Burchet m 4.2.1616 Eastbourne to Judith FLORENCE
Anne Burchett bap 16.11.1616 or 1617 Eastbourne Fa:Richard
JohnBirchet bap 14.2.1619 Eastbourne Fa:Richard
Blacksmith, will dated 9.4.1700 East Dean shows sons John b 1644, Richard b 1646, William b 1648, Thomas b 1650 and Nicholas b 1656. Beta site shows a wife Ann Tworle, marriage East Dean 1663.
Jn° Burchet bap 22.10.1625 Eastbourne
Mary Birchet bap 28.6.1643 Eastbourne Fa: John
John Birchet bap 8.12.1644 Eastbourne Fa: John
Richard Burchett bap 6.11.1646 Eastbourne Fa: John
William Birchett bap 15.2.1648 Eastbourne (ESBI shows 1649) Fa:John, Blacksmith
Thomas Birchett bap 16.3.1650 Eastbourne (ESBI 9.3.1651) FaJohn
but no trace of Nicholas, b 1656, in these records!
Mary presumably had died before the will was drawn up.
Nicholas married an Ann (beta site shows Ann Burrow Friston 1690 and that she died at East Dean in 1705), and their children are shown by RB to be Mary b 1692, William b 1694, John b 1697, Edward b 1700, Sarah b 1702 and Elizabeth b 1704.
William (b 1694) married Ann Martin at Wartling 5.12.1720, died H’ceux 10.4.1777 and his will shows son Samuel and grandchildren George and Sarah, and other grandchildren Samuel, Edward, John and "Francis, dau". William and Ann had six children, John 18.12.1720 - 3.6.1722, William 3.3.1722 - 13.5.1725, Ann 25.2.1724 - 13.5.1725, William
b 5.5.1727, Sarah b 22.3.1729 and Samuel 1.10.1732 - 19.7.1814 aged 81 yrs. One must also assume the deaths of the second William and Sarah before 1776, since they are not mentioned in the will.
Samuel (1732 - 1814) married 28.1.1758 to Martha Jeffrey (1744 - 11.3.1814 aged 70 yrs). Their children were: -
William 20.3.1758 -27.3.1758
Sarah b 29.4.1759 m 6.5.1779 to Joseph Venes
Mary 20.7.1760 - 11.10.1760
George 11.10.1761 - 17.4.1825 aged 62 yrs m 15.6.1782 Wartling to Sarah Chapman
Samuel 1762? - 14.6.1846 aged 84 yrs m 9.11.1783 H’ceux to Mary Harmer (27.5.1764 - 13.12.1802)
John 18.12.1763 - 22.1.1764
Edward 8.3.1765 - 13.5.1859 "aged 94" m Phillis Harmer (19.3.1769 - ?.9.1827 aged 57 yrs). She was a first cousin of the above Mary Harmer.
John 21 .6. 1767 - 14.2.1853 aged 84 yrs m Mary Foster
William 20.5.1769 - 17.6.1770
Frances b c 1775 m 30.4.1794 to James Barton.
There appears to have been a further child Elizabeth 28.4.1771 - 21.7.1771.

From this list it will be seen that William's grandchildren surviving childhood were all included in the will of 28.3.1776, although the only other information we have about the parentage of Samuel and Frances are entries submitted by LDS members showing Samuel b c 1773 H'ceux and Frances b c 1775, but these have not yet been proved to parish records, and there is the anomaly of Samuel's date of birth - 1762 as calculated from his age at death (if declared correctly), and the IGI submission of c 1773. As he married in 1783, we must consider the 1762 date as the more likely. Solve this and we probably also solve the question of Frances' birth. Sandra Shelley, mentioned at the top of the page, is descended from Frances and James Barton, and would therefore be a fifth cousin to me and all the family members of my generation.
The Eastbourne baptism index also shows an Edward Burchead, son of Richard, bap 27.10.1639 (IGI shows death 3.11.1639). He could be a brother of John the blacksmith, but no connection proven.

David Pittman

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