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my grandmothers single name was gall christina born in alloa 1871 her farthers name was thomas born 1844 she married john amos redfern he was born in birkinhead in 1866 he changed his name which was babbs they had 6children john bruce christina ivy stuart doris im doris daughter iwonder if ive got any relations out there
Posted by - Christine
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john Amos Redfern
By marioncraig
My maternal Grandfather was Stuart Redfern. He married Catherine Douglas and had Doris,my mother born 1936 and Stuart. All the people you mention are of my family tree. My Mum spent mant haooy years in Jura and her ancesters came from Alloa. Please contact us.
john amos redfern
By Dorfern
my name is Doris Redfern, and Christine Downton is my full cousin.There are lots of Redfern family members here in Australia.
Your fathers name is or was Verdun,and you have or had a
weak ankle. There is lots more I can tell you about our family.
Please contact me Christine.
john amos redfern
By christineedward
thanks for getting in touch yes we are cousins your farther was mymothers brother stuart your brother was called sunny yes mydads name was verdun edwards i was an onely child iwas born in birmingham im pleased to hear off somebody ididnt think ihad any relations left
John Amos Redfern
By Dorfern
Hello Christine,
Go to Search Results "View Requests for more info on our Family. Best wishes

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