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I am trying to find more information on my mothers family on her fathers side My grandfather did no speak of his family
This is what I have found out so far and hoping to make a connection
Emanuel T sayer married Sarah Robson Children
Lionel P Sayer born 1893 this is what i know about him through reseach Was in the Surrey Regiment possible desertion in 1916. I have what I think found him in NYC 1930 Living with a lady from Russia then in 1932 he is married in Scotland to a Nancy Gibb There is a possiblity he had a daughter Alberta Sayer in 1933 Wonder if any one could share any more on Lionel

Florence A Sayer born 1895 Did not kow she existed till we started resarching and found out in July of 1918 she married her stepfather 2 weeks after her mother past away They resided in the Lincolnshire area poss Cleethorpes or Grimsby area
I do not know if they had any children
Hoping some one will be able to spread some light on these two silblings of my grandfather
( third Sibling Alexander was killed during WW1)

Thanks for reading this

Posted by - Karen
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