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my maiden name was edwards iwas born in 1945 my mothers name was doris redfern born in newcastle upon tyne in 1909 my fathers was verdun edwards born in ferndale wales in 1916 is there any body related to me outthere my maternal grandmothers name was christina gall born inalloa her husbands name was john amos redfern he changed his name from babb he was born in birkinhead his fathers name was cyrus babb his mothers elizabeth redfern they also had adaughter named polly also john amos had been married before and had adaughter in birkinhead
Posted by - Christine
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Christine Downton
By Dorfern
As you know now, we are first cousins. I am trying to work out our entire family tree, so the information you gave me is very welcome.
Our Uncle Jack had 2 sons,John & Fred Redfern.Both are now deceased. Fred Married Kaye, here in Australia and they had 3 children. John Stuart and Megan.They in turn have children of their own.
You also have cousins called Anderson (John & Stuart & a girl.) they live in Stirling Scotland.
My brother Stuart(Sonny) married Mary Moody, and they have 3 children-Simon, Colin and Rebecca.He lives in Linlithgow Scotland.
Hope you find this information interesting.
By christineedward
thank you doris ive been doing my tree since last year iwas in contact with sentatoni gall who gave me the tree from the gall side of the family it was quite interesting the andersons in stirling had four boys john stuart robert alec no girls robert died when he was little ive had five children andrew barry james sarah and robert im devorced now.if you wont toget intouch heres my email adress @ yahoo
Doris Redfern
By Dorfern
Hi Christine, There seems to be 2 sites operating on the net. So perhaps it would be better to use our E-mail address? I have yours now, Thank you. No I never met Aunt Molly(or wee Mary as she was called)Apparently she was a lady who was pretty hard to please, according to cousin Fred, whom I knew very well. He spent a lot of his leaves at our house in Glasgow during the last war-he was in the Royal Navy.Our Uncle Jack came to visit us a few times when I was little. The family all called him "Big Jack".He was an electrician by trade, and was electrocuted in a freak accident many years ago. I remember my father going to his funeral.Fred died of Parkinsons disease a few years ago, & I still miss him.I will try to get in touch with Toni again, also yourself.
Take care, Doris

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