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Woodworking 1720-1920 - posted by George
My forebears were throughout this period all wheelwrights then joiners and eventually carpenters as well, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, at least until my grandfather sadly 'deserted' the White Rose county and moved to Manchester in the late 1800s.
I'd like to know much more about the crafts my ancestors practiced and in particular to hear from any Yorkshire folk who may have relevant knowledge or have actually been involved in village carpentry.
I am especially interested in the design of wagons, carts etc. or other items specific to the East Riding and Yorkshire - I'd love to try making miniature versions! By the way, I already know about Yorkshire sash windows and am working on a model!
Many thanks,
Posted by - George

By alanstepney
The Guild of Model Wheelwrights
has lots of information on all types of wagon, and many members make models of them.

Any of the search engines should find their website.
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