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Bloxworth Rectory - posted by Shirley Beales
I would like to find out about Bloxworth Rectory in 1928.
My late Aunt was in service there and I am writing about her experiences as a scullery maid and cook.Her first job was at Bloxworth Rectory and therefore I think this is important.I have only one of her own recollections for this time,and have had the most amazing trouble finding out anything about Bloxworth Rectory ,even 'who was the Rector in 1928!'Or getting a picture of the Rectory etc etc.Shirley
Posted by - Shirley Beales


By aspire1670
Dear Shirley,

If the Bloxworth Rectory you refer to relates to Bloxworth in Dorset, then you should try to contactthe Diocese of Salisbury who now hold all the records. The email address is


Mike Flame
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