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Evacuee Schools WW II - posted by Bill
I was a member of such a school. I was not an evacuee but lived in the town of Pool-in-Warfedale, Yorks. Miss Burwood established this school not far from my home at the time and my Father enrolled me in the classes becuase it was closer than the regular Pool Public School. The Mansion on Athington Lane was set back from the road and surrounded by many trees. I have much more to tell about that time in the forties, but that would take up a lot space. This is in response to Renee USA.
Posted by - Bill

WW II Evacuation
By boxogor
On September 1 1940, my brother and I (as my brother was under 5 my mother was allowed to come too) were taken from our school to Thornton Heath station where we boarded a train. We were not told where we were going but it turned out to be Brighton. From there we were taken by bus to Preston Park, where we were allocated our billet in Preston Drove. I attended Ditchling Road School ( later, when my brother was old enough, he went there too). We shared the school with the Brighton children. Either we went in the morning and the Brighton children went in the afternoon, or vice versa. When we were not at school, the teachers and those mothers who were available used to take us out, either to Preston Park or up to Hollingbury. I seem to remember that near the trolleybus terminus at Hollingbury, was a smallish building in which we were shown films.
After ten months of this, bombs started to fall on Brighton, so my mother though we might as well go back to our home in Croydon - just in time for the blitz!
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