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guinea and the piggy - posted by Maria
does anyone remeber the guinea and the piggy club/restaurant in leicester square in the 1960's. It would be amazing if anyone did.
Posted by - Maria

The Guinea and the Piggy
By linh
Hi Maria,

Yes, you found someone who remembers the Guinea and the Piggy very well. It was part of a chain of restaurants/theatre clubs owned by Kennedy Caterers, which included The Poor Millionaire, Music a la Carte and The Steak and Wine ss well. I worked as an assistant to Stephen Kennedy and my window was on the third floor, about 3 to the left of the Odeon. Helen Jacobs was Publicity and Advertising Manager, Eunice Jones was Mr. K's PA and Irish Bridget was the tea lady. A South African was manager of the G & P and we often used to go because I got a discount and we were broke and newly married at that time. Do you also remember Henryk's in Earl's Court - what a wonderful place that was! I looked for the site when I was in London last year, but everything has changed so much, I couldn't find it. Sad that you haven't had any other responses, it was a large prominent chain in those days, wonder what happened. I now live in South Africa, but would be delighted to hear what your project is, lovely to reminisce.

Kind regards,

Lin Haigh

By linh

Guinea and the Piggy
By anglophile
By coincidence, I was e-mailing a British friend a few minutes ago and mentioned that I had eaten in 1965 in The Guinea and the Piggy. It was uncommon then for restaurants to feature all-you-can-eat buffets. It was on my first trip to Europe. Does anyone in the UK quote prices any longer in guineas?

I'm an American, but an Anglophile at heart. I like what another British friend once said about July 4th: She said "We call it Good Riddance Day!" She thought I might be offended, but I thought it was a great remark.
By sfoxylady
My dad used to go to The Guinea & the Piggy! He and my mum both remember it well. They were at London University - Kings College on the Strand - in the swinging 60's.
Dad just randomly talked about it once and I've always remembered it as I thought it was such a cool name!! We've talked about it again today over lunch and I just thought I'd google it to see if anything came up!
I love things like this!!
Sarah Fox.
By PLC uncle was the manager there for a while !
Stephen Searle
By serlo
My wife Janet Le Tissier used to work at Kennedy Caterers in the mid 60s in the finance department. I too used to eat well at the various restaurants.
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