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Red Island July 1952 - posted by Rachel
I have looking through some old family photo's and a Place called Red Island keeps comming up. I have no idea what or where Red Island is. In the pictures my family are sitting in well kept gardens on a lawn with lots of other folk. There is also a very large group shot of approx 150 people in front of a building. At a guess it could be a holiday camp as everyone seems to be having fun. Or maybe a gathering of a club association of some kind. There are people of all ages ranging from small children to older adults. My relative would have been in there mid 40's maybe?
They lived in Liverpool at this time and I don't think they'd have travelled far as neither of them could drive. Any help would be gratefully appreciated!
Posted by - Rachel

Red Island
By Abraxii
There was a Red Island Holiday Camp just north of Dublin in the 50's
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