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9th Medium Regiment RA (The Buffs) - posted by Anthony Evans
Seeking veterans (or relatives) of 9th Medium Regiment RA, which served in North West Europe1944-45, to tell their story before it is too late. I am writing their history. My grandfather, Fred Humphrey served with them in 82nd Battery.
Anthony Evans
Posted by - Anthony Evans

9th Medium Regt RA
By Slimjimbo35
Hi Anthony. My grandfather was a BSM in 9th Regt during there time in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. I have just started researching his time in the army as a result of my nan passing away and coming into possession of some paperwork and medals. In particular he was awarded a Belgian Croix De Guerre 1940 with palm, for his help in the opening of the Schelet and the opening of the port of Antwerp. Also the continual resupply of the battery with ammunition from wagon lines to gun positions, under adverse conditions. I am not sure what battery he was BSM too and I have very limited knowledge of the activities of the unit during their time in North Europe. However I am going to the Firepower museum in Woolwich to carry out some research on the copies of the war dairies they have. Do you have any info?.

By giberville
Just seen this - it's some time later, but I hope you see it. I have information for you. Was your relative named Mott?
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