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Recipe - posted by Sheila
Looking for a recipe for Peas In brae. Circa 1957 we used to go to the Tallies in Cambuslang to get a plate of Peas before going to the pictures, does anyone have the receipe. Another lister told me the name of the Tallies owners Elspeth and Angelo Valerio does anyone know of any rellies of thers.

Posted by - Sheila

By helen
My grandad always had a dish of peas ready for us when we arrived in glasgow from london. He would soak dry peas overnight no dye added an boil ham bones for 2 hours or so then add the peas an just leave it simmering for ages or until they were done. we use to add a bit of vinegar an salt ourselves...i don't know if this is what you had but we loved it ...helen
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