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Vietnam - posted by R Preston
I am involved in a work of literature involving 1960's England. I am curious as to the effects of Vietnam in England, if any at all, and what it was like at the time in England. Was it talked about in public, television? Were there any relative politic stances taken? This would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

R Preston
Posted by - R Preston


By aspire1670
The war in Vietnam was a hot topic of conversation in England and featured endlessley in the press and on TV and radio. It prompted a large number of public demos/protests. The most famous of these being the 1968 anti-war march in London and the demo in front of the US embassy in Grosvenor Square which ended in violence and mayhem. The then Labour govt of Harold Wilson refused to send troops when requested by American president Lyndon Johnson. It later transpired that the British Army had provided clandestine jungle training for US troops.
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