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Lifestory Showcase - Greenshields

Eating fish heads
Granny’s Weird and Wonderful Cures
Schooldays in the 1930’s
The Great Cake Race
The ‘Magic’ Conkers
The Music Evenings
Yo-yo Crazy
A Pram Had Many Uses
Chichester Canal and Basin
“Watch Out For The Rats In The Tunnel!”
Fishing For Eels at Fishbourne Creek
From The Builders Yard To The Army
Archie held as a POW
Archie becomes a Copper thanks to Taffy
Nasty injuries at Police training camp
First days on the ‘beat’
‘Flasher’ in Littlehampton
A humble abode for family of five
The revelations of a Sussex Bobby in the 1950s
Dozing on duty
Tough times under the command of the Superintendent
The night a prisoner hung himself
The Information Room
A car for £100, including tax and insurance
A policeman’s lot

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