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About Us is a totally free-to-use and non-profit making enormous British website, which incorporates the following 7 completely different huge component sections, each of which members from around the world interact with in real time: -

Find Past Friends: Where members communicate with neighbours from days gone by, schoolmates or workmates of yesteryear, and fellow servicemen or servicewomen from the old days.

Lifestory Library: Where you can browse thousands of nostalgic British memories from England, Wales, Scotland & N. Ireland, and you can save yours too, forever as a permanent record.

Heritage Visits: Where you can choose the best heritage sights to visit, by category or area, from our large database, and where members leave comments following their actual visit.

Gene Junction: Where people can fill in those missing links in their family tree, and help other members with theirs.

Seeking Companions: Where you can search the requests and members can add their requests to find that special person.

Nostalgia Knowledge: Where members add their requests for that specific enquiry, and help other members to answer theirs.

Seeking Lost Persons: Where members add a profile of a missing person, and help other members with their search.

Rob Blann
The Past Times Project is run by its founder, Rob Blann, a man with a passion for the past. It is a huge website by any standards, encompassing 7 large sections dealing with different aspects of the past, 3 of which are on a personal basis, dealing with different phases of members' lives.

Rob's first website,, set up in the year 2000, started gathering together people's reminiscences of their childhood and /or adult life, throughout the UK.

So successful was it that Rob expanded the site into a far more sophisticated website with many powerful features in 2006, and so the Past Times Project was born.

Still totally free-to-use and non-profit-making, the website consists of 7 vast sectors, the largest of which is Lifestory Library, incorporating a host of powerfully built features and replacing the former website.

The Past Times Project has brought together the following 7 completely different ways of interacting with the past in an intellectual, yet fun, way, all in this one massive, but easy to navigate, website.

Lifestory Library, the linchpin of the Project, is dedicated to collecting and preserving people's lifestories and memories for posterity, an irreplaceable archive for future generations to look back on. Each person's memories are individual and different, and are an important part of our history, to look back on, and enjoy.

Find Past Friends is another division of the Project, enabling people to seek out their old pals, former neighbours, schoolmates, former Service pals, former workmates and so on. This part of the Project is dedicated to reuniting long lost friends from every sphere of people's lives, and from every corner of the globe.

Heritage Visits is the part of the Project where people go to find heritage sights to visit in their area or when away on holiday. Providing a wide up-to-date choice of heritage sights to visitors by making as much information as possible available in an easy-to-use format, so as to keep heritage sights 'alive' and going.

Gene Junction is the family history part of the Project, used by people wanting to fill in those missing links on their family tree, an important part of the Project, dedicated to finding genealogical connections that in some cases people were unaware of.

Nostalgia Knowledge is the place in the Project where people seek answers to questions on subjects as diverse as: local history, traditions, writers and entertainers from yesteryear, etc., etc. An integral section of the Project, dedicated to furnishing people with answers to questions which can sometimes seem very obscure.

Seeking Lost Persons is that sector of the Project where people seek to find that long-lost relative or a very old friend who's gone missing, all part of the Project, which in this section is dedicated to reuniting 2 people of importance to each other.

Seeking Companions is the segment of the Project where people come to find someone to share part (or all) of their life with. Whether one is looking for an email friend, a holiday companion, a life partner or whoever, this section is dedicated to those looking for that someone special.

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