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William Kerr
Please find below what family geneology tree information I have. If anyone recognizese any of my family information please contact me so I can communicate with them on these issues. Regards Bill Kerr.

Searched : General Index Marriages for Scotland – Found.

Marriage. George Kerr & Catherine Devlin. 1941.-4 June
Coatbridge,Lanark. 652-2/p.92/183

George Kerr. Aged 21.Batchelor. Bolt Work Machinist,Rifleman,The Cameronians.
27 Kirk St.Coatbridge Now engaged in War Service.
Son of William Ker,Labourer And Mary Kerr. M/S.Croal.(Dec)
Catherine Carroll Devlin. Aged 19. Spincer. Kitchenmaid.Hospital.
29 Stirling St, Coatbridge. Dau.of Patrick Devlin,Ironwork Labourer.(Dec)
and Bridget Devlin.(Now Dunlop). M/S Watters.
Witt: William McKew 51 Kirk St, and Bridget Devlin
29 Strirling St.Coatbridge. Forms: Roman Catholic Church.
Birth. George Kerr, Buchanan St, Coatbridge.
5 Nov 1919.Coatbridge.Lanark.
Son of William Kerr. Blast furnace fitter. & Mary Kerr M/S Croal.
Marr: 26 Aug 1918. Coatbridge. ( Infor: W.Kerr Father.)

William Kerr and Mary Croal. 26 Aug 1918. Coatbridge,Lanark. 652-2/p.81/162

William Kerr, Aged 24. Batchelor. Blast Furnace Labourer.
Private 10th battalion,Rpyal Highlanders.
63B Buchanan St, Coatbridge.(presently serving with British Expeditionary Force.
Son of George kerr Blast Furnace Fitter.(dec) & Catherine Devlin
.(previously Kerr) M/S. Houston.
Mary Croal. Aged 25.Spincer.(clothing factory machinist).
53B Buchanan St, Coatbridge. Dau, of Francis Croal, Tube Work Labourer. & Helen Croal. M/S O’Neil.
Witt: Hugh McNairmey & Annie Kerr. Forms: Roman Catholic Church.

Birth: Mary Croal, 4 May 1893.Coatbridge,Lanark. 554/185/554.
Dau, of Francis Croal,Coal Miner. & Helen Croal. M/S O’Neil.
Married: 1889,Nov 16th. At St Rollex,Glasgow. Witt: Francis Croal. Father.

Search: Deaths General Index of Scotland
Death: Mary Kerr. Died aged 37yrs. Of Pulmonary Tuberculoses,in hospital for 12 weeks & 4 days. Married to William Kerr Blast furnace labourer.
Coathill Hospital u/r.
73C Buchanan St, Coatbridge. Dau of Francis Croal. . Dau, of Francis Croal, Tube Work Labourer. & Helen Croal. M/S O’Neil.
Infor: William Kerr. Widower.

Death: William Kerr, Died aged 52yrs. Found in bed. Probadly Coronary Thrombosis. 27 Kirk St.Coatbridge. (Spirit Salesman.)
Widower of Mary Croal. Son of George Kerr. Blast Furnace Fitter.(dec)
And Ann Catherine Kerr. (afterwards Devine) M/S Houston.
(See Register of corrections entries Vol.XV111 P.138. Jan 31st 1947. Natural causes probably Coronary Thrombosis.)

Birth: 7 Nov 1922. Coatbridge,Lanark. 652-2/p.398/1193.
Francis Kerr, Son of William Kerr, Iron Work Labourer. And Mary Kerr
M/S Croal. 73c Buchanan St,Coatbridge.
Married: 26 Aug 1918.Coatbridge. Infor: William Kerr. Father.

Birth: 11 April 1925, Coatbridge,Lanark.653-2/p.130/388.
Catherine kerr. Dau, of William Kerr, Iron Work Labourer. And Mary Kerr
M/S Croal. 73c Buchanan St,Coatbridge.
Married: 26 Aug 1918.Coatbridge. Infor: William Kerr. Father.

Birth: 26 June 1927.Coatbridge.Lanark. 652-2/p.211/633.
William Kerr. (As Above.)

Searched : 1891 Census Calton Glasgow. 664/4.

B.70 163 James Street.
Geo.Kerr. Head. Mar. 58 Wood Turner. Ireland.
Margaret Wife. Mar 45 Housekeeper. Bute,Rothsay.
Plus 2 Boarders.

5 May 1911. Milton.Glasgow. 644-9/110/328.
Margaret Kerr. died aged 66yrs. Carcinema of Left upper Jaw. Cancer Hospital Glasgow,U/R. Married to George Kerr. Cabinet maker.
163 James St,Bridgetom,Glasgow. Dau of John McCallum,Gamekeeper(dec)
& Christina McCallum M/S. McMullan (dec)
Infor: Samuel Pincock,aquantance. (Langlands: North Mount Vernon.
23 June 1910. Coatbridge,Lanark. 652-2/p.148/443
George Kerr,died age 43yrs. Gastritis. Blast Furnace Fitter.
Married to Catherine Houston. 80a Buchanan St,Coatbridge.
Son of William Carr,Farm Labourer (dec). & Margaret Carr M/S Mc Callion.
Infor: Catherine Carr, Widow, present.

Searched: Deaths General Index of Scotland

Death: 12 March 1919. Hutchesonstown,Glasgow. 644-/15/p.271.
Michael Houston,died aged 67yrs, Senility Weakness. Blast Furnace labourer.
Widower of Mary Ann Craig. 93 Norburn St,Glasgow.
Son of John Houston,Farm Labourer.(dec) and Mary Houston M/S Lavery (dec)
Infor: Catherine Devine (Dau) 17 Stable Row, Carnbroe.Coatbridge.

Death: 23 Sept 23 1916. Hutchesonstown,Glasgow. 644-15/p.136/411
Mary Ann Houston, died aged 64yrs. Gastro-Enteritis.
Married: Michael Houston, Ironwork Labourer.
93 Habrun Street,Glasgow. Dau of John Craig, Tailor.(dec) and Mary Craig.(dec)
M/S Mc Ginty (dec) Infor: Michael Houston,Widower.
Marriage: 19 Feb 1912,Coatbridge,Lanark. 652-2/p.29/57.
Henry Devine .aged 38.Batchelor. Blast Furnace Fitter.
229 Gartsherrie Rd.Coatbridge. Son of Henry Devine,Tramway Car Driver.(dec)
and Sarah Devine,M/S Havelin.
Catherine Houston or Kerr.aged 37.Widow. 26J Sunnyside Rd. Coatbridge.
Dau of Michael Houston,Foundery labourer. and Mary Ann Houston,M/S Craig.
Witt: Robert Houston & Annie Kerr. Forms: Roman Catholic Church.

Birth: Catherine Devlin 14/2/1922
Marr: George Kerr 4/6/1941.
Died: 2/8/1972
Birth: Bridget Watters. 28/7/1897.
Marr: Patrick Watters 19/10/1919..
Died: 27/12/1958.

Searched : General Index for Scotland – Found
Death: Catherine Devine. Died age 77yrs.
Carsio Vascular Degeneration .Auricular Fibrillation.
Widow of:- 1. George Kerr Blast furnaceman
2. Henry Devine. Blast furnaceman
3. Manus Devine. Blast furnaceman.
6 Cross Dty.Carmyle. Dau. of Michael Houston, Ironwork Labourer.(dec)
and Mary Ann Houston. M/S Craig.(Dec).
Infor: Henry Devine, (Son.) 63 Montrose Ave, Carmyle.

Marriage: Manus Devine Aged 53. Batchelor.
13 Hospital Syreet,Glasgow.
Son of Henry Devine, Tramcar Driver.(dec)
And Sarah Devlin. M/S Havlin. (dec)
Catherine Houston Devine. Aged 54.Widow.
11 Hospital St,Glasgow.
Dau. of Michael Houston,Iron Work Labourer.(dec)
And Mary Ann Houston, M/S Craig.(dec)
Witt: John Devine.Bridget Devine.
Forms: Roman Catholic Church.

Searched: Deaths General Index for Scotland.

Death: Alexander Devlin. Died age 49 (Lobar Pheumenia 10 days).
Marr: to Catherine Carlin. 2 Turner St. Coatbridge.
Son of Edward Devlin,Shoemaker.(Journeyman)(dec).
And Margaret Devlin M/S Tweedley.(dec)
Infor: Catherine Devine (her x mark) Widow Present.

Death: Margaret Devlin. Died aged 58 yrs. Pulmenary Consumption
Marr: to – 1st John Quigley , farm labourer.
2nd Edward Devlin. Shoemake.Fells land,Dundyvan.
Dau. of John Quigley. Farm Labourer.(dec) & Letitia Quigley
M/S Doran (dec)
Infor: James Quigley. Son.Penders Row.Baillieston.(Present).
Searched : Marriages General Index of Scotland.
Marriage. 30 Dec 1912.Coatbridge.Lanark. 652-2/p.14/28
John Hughes.49 years. Iron Work Labourer.(his x mark) Widower.
3B Buchanan St,Coatbridge. Son of John Hughes,Coal Miner(dec)
& Mary Ann Owens previously Hughes M/S Hainey. And Catherine Carroll Devlin. 47 years. 162A Main St,Coatbridge.
Dau, of William Carroll,Bricklayers Labourer.(dec) & Mary Ann McInrue
Previously Carroll M/S Latimer (dec)
Witt: Richard Cairns, & Catherine Connelly.
Forms: Roman Catholic Church.
Searched: 18181 Census Old Monkland. Lanark. 652-2.

B.7 Schd. 187 – No. 8 Fells Land.

Edward Devlin Head Widr. 59 Boot & Shoemaker Ireland
Edward Devlin Son 21 Puddler in Iron Ireland.
Alexander Devlin Son 19 Coatbridge,Lanarkshire.
Patrick Devlin Son 17 Bill Man in Ironwork Coatbridge,Lanarkshire.

Also B3.Dundyvan Rd,Browns Land.
John McIlroy Head Mar. 43. Ironwork Lab. Ireland.
Mary Ann Wife Mar. 50. Ireland.
John Carlin Stepson Un. 24. Ironwork Roller Coatbridge,Lanarkshire.
Catherine “ “ Stepdaur Un. 17.
Plus 3 boarders.

Carlin Line.
Searched: 1861 Census Old Monkland. 652-2.
William Carlin H. Mar. 26. labourer in Ironwork. Ireland
Mary Ann “ W. Mar. 28. Ireland.
Hugh “ “ S. 5. Ireland.
John “ “ D. 3. Lanark.Old Monkland.

Deaths: General Index of Scotland

12 Nov 1867 Old Monkland Middle Dist. 652-2/p.111/331.
William Carlin. Died aged 36.Disease of the Heart. 3 months.Dropay 14 days. Labourer.
Married to Mary Ann Latimer. 41 Long Row, Dundyvan . Son of John Carlin Labiourer.(dec)
And Mary Carlin M/S Dunnen (dec)
Infor: Mary Ann Carlin (her x mark) Wtdow.Present.

Birth. 6 June 1858. Old Monkland.Lanark. 652-2/p.122/366.
John Carlin 28 long Row,Dundyvan. Frick Field Labourer.
(Son of the Above.)
Birth: 2 May 1861. Old Monkland.Lanark. 652-2/p.91/271

Mary Jane Carlin. Mc Donalds Land.Wifflet
Dau of William Carlin,Engin Fireman & Mary Ann Carlin M/S Latimer.
Marr: 1855, Feby County Fermanagh,Ireland.
Infor: William Carlin. (his x mark) Father.

Birth: 8 Feb 1864. Old Monkland.Lanark. 685-2/p.39/116.
Catherine Carlin. 35 Long Row.Dundtvan.Dau, of William Carlin,
Engine Fireman & Mary Ann Carlin M/S Latimer.
Marr: 1855, Feby County Fermanagh,Ireland.
Infor: William Carlin. (his x mark) Father.

Birth: 7 Sept 1866. Old Monkland.Lanark. 652/2/p199/597.
Rose Ann Carlin. 35 Long Row.Dundtvan.Dau, of William Carlin,
Engine Fireman & Mary Ann Carlin M/S Latimer.
Marr: 1855, Feby County Fermanagh,Ireland.
Infor: William Carlin. (his x mark) Father.


Searched: 1818 Census SPRINGBURN,GLASGOW. 644 – 6

Book 80 Sch. 14 - 31 Cowlairs Road.

Helen O’Neil Head. Widow. 48, Washerwomen, Ireland.
Patrick “ “ Son. Un. 25. Boilermaker, Riveter.Lanarkshire,Scotland.
Mary “ “ Dau. “ 13. Lanarkshire,Scotland
John “ “ “ Son. 11. Scholar. Lanarkshire,Scotland

Search: Campsie marriages 1855,first year in Scotland for official registrations.

Marriage. 10 Nov 1855.St Pauls Catholic Church Campsie Stirling.475/p.25/49
Peter O’Neil.(his x mark). Mosswater.Kirkintilloch. 26yrs old .Labourer.
Born. Ainnes,Co,Down.Ireland. Son of Bernard O’Neil and Rose Fegan,
(Farmer Spincer)
Helen Hafferty.(her x mark). Mosswater.Kirkintilloch. age (Blank).
Occupation –Spencer. Born. Ainnes,Co,Down.Ireland.
Dau of Rodrick Hafferty & Helen Hefferty.
Witt: James Goldie & John Goldie. Forms: John Gillon.Catholic Clergyman.
Death: 11 July 1922.Springburn,Lanark.644-6/p.204/612.
Patrick O’Neil. Single.Died age 65. Chronic Fibrosi of Lung.Cardiac Dilatation.
Usual residence: 14 Stirling Street.City.Son of Patrick O’Neil.Railwayman.(dec)
And Helen O’Neil M/S Hilforty(dec).
Infor: Robert Griffin (friend) 46 Gadshill Street.

Death: 11 April 1898.St Rollex,Lanark. 664-6/p.150/448.
Ellen O’Neil.died age 60yrs. Acrtic Stenosis of the Heart(6 months)
Widow of Patrick O’Neil,Railway Platelayer.(dec).Eastfield Farm.Glasgow.
Dau of Patrick Helforty,Tailor.(journeyman).(dec)
Infor: M.Morrison,Daughter.present. 179 Balgray Rd.

Search: 1871 Census Springburn,Lanark. 622-2
B.9 84 – 32 Cowstaire Rd.
Patrick O’Neill Head. Mar.40 Labourer. Ireland.
Helen “ “ Wife. Mar. 30 Ireland.
Patrick “ “ Son. Un. 15. Labourer.Lanarkshire.Springburn.
Ellen “ “ Dau. 7.Scholar. Lanarkshire.Springburn.
Rose “ ‘ Dau. 5. “ “ Lanarkshire.Springburn.
Mary “ “” Dau. 3. Lanarkshire.Springburn.
John “ “ Son. 1. Lanarkshire.Springburn.
Birth: 18 March 1856.Sprinburn.Lanark. 622-2/p.24/71.
Patrick O’Neil.Springburn. Son of Patrick O’Neil.Railway Labourer.
And Helen O’Neil M/S Telferty.
Infor: Patric O’Neil, Father.
Birth: 4 July 1857.Springburn,Lanark. 622-2/p.65/194.
Rosana O’Neil.Springburn. Dau of Patrick O’Neil.Railway Labourer.
And Helen O’Neil M/S Hafferty
Infor: c
Birth: 5 Sept 1856.Central District,Glasgow. 644-1/p.389/1165.
Rosann O’Neil. Died aged 13 months.Teething etc.10days.No regular medical attendant. 85 Tennent St,Glasgow. Dau of Dau of Patrick O’Neil.Railway Labourer. And Helen O’Neil M/S Hafferty. (Buried: Dalbeth Cemetary.
Infor: Dau of Patrick O’Neil.Railway Labourer. (predent.
Birth: 18 June 1859.Sprinburn,Lanark. 622-2/p.69/206.
Mary Ann O’Neil. Springvale.Springburn. Dau of Above.
Death: 17 May 1860.Springburn.Lanark. 622-2/p.61/181.
Mary Ann O’Neil, Springvale.Springburn. Single. Died aged 11 months.
Dalbeth Cemetary. Dau of Dau of Patrick O’Neil.Railway Labourer. And Helen O’Neil M/S Hafferty. Infor: Patric O’Neil. Father not present.

Birth: 14 June 1863. Springburn.Lanark. 622-2/p.68/203
John O’Neil.Cowlairs Rd,Springburn. Son of Patrick O’Neil,Railway labourer.
And Helen O’Neil M/S Hafferty. Married: 1855 Campsie.
Infor: Patrick O’Neil.

Death: 23 Oct 1863. Springburn.Lanark. 622-2/p.121/362.Died aged 4 months. Teething. Neil.Cowlairs Rd,Springburn. Son of Patrick O’Neil,Railway labourer.
And Helen O’Neil M/S Hafferty. Infor: Patrick O’Neil.
Birth: 1864-24 Aug. Springburn.Lanark. 662-2/p.109/325
Rose Ann O’Neil - Dau of Above.
Birth: 19 July 1867. Springburn.Lanark. 662-2/p.104/312.
Mary Ann O’Neil. Lo-Cowlairs Rd. Dau of Above.
Birth: 27 Sept,1869. Springburn.Lanark. 662-2/p.119/357.
John O’Neil. 32 Cowlairs Rd. Son of Above & Helen M/S Hilforty.
Birth: 8 march 1861. Springburn.Lanark. 622/2/p.25/73.
Helen O’Neil.Springvale,Springburn. Dau of Patrick O’Neil,Railway labourer.
And Helen O’Neil M/S Hafferty. Infor: Patrick O’Neil. Father.
Death; 30 June 1871. Springburn.Lanark. 622-2/p.128/383.
Patrick O’Neil. Died aged 37yrs. Killed by train passing over him.(Platelayer.)
Married to Helen Hilferty. Son of Charles O’neil Farmer(dec) and Rose O’Neil
M/S O’Haggan.(dec). Infr: Paterick Hilferty, Brother –in –Law.
Searched: 1881 Census Old Monkland. Lanark. 652-2.

Ellen Croal Head. Wife. 53. Keeping House. Ireland.
James “ “ Son. Un. 33. Puddler in Iron. Ireland.
Patrick “ “ Son. Un. 23. Coal Miner. England.
16 Nov.1888. St Rollex,Lanark. 644-6/p,153/309.
Francis Croal.27yrs. Iron Puddler. Batchelor.
15 Rosemount St,Glasgow. Son of Patrick Croal.(iron puddler). (dec).
and Helen Croal M/S Croal.
Helen O’Neill. (her x mark) 27yrs. Cotton Powerloom Weaver. Spincer.
15 Rosemount St,Glasgow. Dau of John O’Neill Railway Surfaceman.(dec)
and Mary O’Neill M/S Cafferty.
Death: 22 March 1922. Caotbridge. 652-2/p.60/178.
Francis Croal. Died aged 72yrs. Bronchitis. 53c Buchanan St,Coatbridge
Coal Miner (Army Pensioner).
Married to Ellen Croal. Son of Patrick Croal.(Iron Work labourer.)
and Helen Croal M/S Croal. Infor: Ellen Croal. Present.

Death: 25 March 1933, Coatbridge.Lanark. 652/2/p.64/192.
Helen Croal.Died.aged 72. Carcinomonia of bowel 3 months.
Widow of Francis Croal.( Coal Miner.Hewer.) 53c Buchanan St,Coatbridge.
Dau of Patrick O’Neill. Railway Platelayer. (dec). and Helen O’Neill. M/S Hilferty. (dec) Infr: Margaret Croal. Daughter. Present.

Death: 14 March 1875,Middle District Old Monkland.Lanark.652-2/p.45/133.
Patrick Croal. Died aged 62yrs. Asthma years. Drepay 2 weeks.
Night Watchman. Married to Helen Croal. Monky Pit Lodge.Dundyvan.
Usual residence 23 Fells Land,Dundyvan. Son of Edward Croal, Small Farmer.
(dec). and Catherine Croal M/S Cullen (dec). Infor:James Croal, Son.
Death: 23 May 1890. Coatbridge.Lanark. 652-2/p.88/264.
Helen Croal. Died aged 62yrs. Chronic Bronchitis. 2 months.
Widower of Patrick Croal. Iron Rollers Assistant. 11 English Sq,Coatbridge.
Son of James Croal. Blacksmith (dec) & Bridget Croal M/S Blake.(dec)
Infor: J.Croal Son, present.

Mc Aroon Line.
Searched: 1871 Census, Old Monkland Middle Lanark. 652-2.
B.7 Sch. 13. – Fells land.

John McArroon Head. Mar. 34. Lab in Iron Works. Ireland.
Mary “ “ “ Wife. Mar. 38 Ireland.
Patrick “ “ “ Unm. 15. Ireland.
John “ “ “ Unm. 12. Ireland. Mary Ann “ ‘ Unm. 6 Lanarkshire.
John Carlin Stepson. 12 Lanarkshire.
Mary Jane “ “ “ Dau. 10. Lanarkshire.
Catherine “ Dau, 7. Lanarkshire.
1 July 1868. St.Patricks.Coatbridge.Old Monkland. Lanark.652-2/p.28/56
John Mc Aroon. 30 yrs.Furnace Filler. Widower. Dundyvan.
Son of William Mc Aroon,Labourer.(dec). and Ann Mc Aroon M/S White. &
Mary Ann Carlin. 30 Years. Widow.Dundyvan. Dau of Georg latimour. Labourer. And Mary Latimour M/S Lewis.(dec) Forms: Catholic Church.
Witt: David Alison & Mary Doyle.
Note: In Census returns, this above John was recorded as being John McIIroy.

Searched; Births Old Monkland Middle Parish.
Marriage: 12 April 1869. Old Monkland Lanark. 652-2/p.90/268
James Mc Aroon.41 Long Row.Dundyvan. Son of John Mc Aroon. Furnace Filler & Mary Ann Mc Aroon formally Carlin M/S Latimour.
Married;1 July 1868.Coatbridge. Infor:john Mc Aroon.)his x mark) Father.
Posted by - William
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William Kerr
By Kath
I am a grt. grt grandaughter of John Mc Inrue/mc Aroon/Mc Ahruie of Coatbridge I think we may be related

My grandmother's marriage cert 1884 shows her father as John Mc Ahruie her deceased mother as Bessie Teven of Ireland.

Granny married James Mc Govern my grandfather whose parents were James Mc Govern and Mary Kerr deceased.

My mothers marriage cert. shows Lizzie Kerr as a witness all of these were in Coatbridge Lanarkshire married in St Augistines Catholic church.

Regards Cathie.
Re Kerr line responce.
By qbeebill
I would be greatefull if you can tell me any other information re this line. Do you have any other information on the people listed in my line. And do you know if we have any contacts with the Kerr family that still maybe living in Ireland today???
I would like to contact them if possible to further my family line there..Thanks for any help you can give me...Bill Kerr

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