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mandy baker or other
hi i am looking for a woman called mandy baker or miller or other?the mothers name is ether jan or janet grandad is the father to mandy but wasint around if u know what i mean?anywhy i was told that she was born between 1960 to 1965 and they where liveing in baseingstoke,hampshire caravan camp site but i e-mailed them and they told me that its a storege place.but my grandad was down that way last year and when to the register office for some info.but got him money handed back to him,and told him 2 back off and she was ether fosterd or addopted at a young age.i just want to know if ther is such a person?and get in touch with hur and if she not wanting that that totaly cool with me.i would i would be creatful if u could try your best to traker down or any information.thanxs mandy thomson
Posted by - Mandy Thomson
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