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W.A.Howie genealogy
Genealogy of HOWIES

Mr. W.A.Howie
Nationality: British
Occupation: Tea Planter
Address: Dijoo Tea Estate (Dejoo), North Lakhimpur, Assam, India
Birth: Circa- 1875-1892
Baptism: ??
Death: Circa-1913-1940 on steamer ship while traveling to UK.
Marriage-circa- 1909-1910
Wife: Jamini
Children: Mary Euphemia and Alexander Norman

Mary Euphemia
Birth: 24th Aug 1910, Lakhimpur, Assam, India
Death: Britain
Education: St. Andrew’s Homes (now Dr. Graham's Homes), Kalimpong-734301,
West Bengal, India. Admitted in Dec 1919
Husband: Leonard Hamilton Duffield. Married in circa 1928-1931
Children: Daphne, Keith, Bruce, Owen

Alexander Norman
Birth: 15th Nov 1913, Lakhimpur, Assam, India
Death: 3rd Nov 1969,
Cemetery: CNI cemetery, Bulsar (Valsad), India
Education: 1) Dr. Graham's Homes, Kalimpong, India, Admitted in Dec 1919
2) Senior Cambridge
3) Ford Motoring Classes, Calcutta, India.
Occupation: 1) ARP Officer, Saurashtra, Sadra, India
2) SIPF at RPF (Railway Protection Force) centre Valsad, India
Grade: 130-212, Administration Staff
DOA: 4th Dec 1961
Duration: 1961 to 1969
Marriage: 1) Shanta 2) Sarah. Both marriages took place at CNI Church Valsad, India
Children: Of Shanta: Dennis and Patrick
Of Sarah: Steven

1) Dennis
Birth: 8th Sept 1937
Death: 4th January 2005
Cemetery: CNI cemetery, near RPF ground, Bulsar, India
Occupation: Male Nurse
Nationality: British
Marriage: in CNI church Valsad on 12th June 1970.
Children- Wendy and Cindy

Subhashna Howie
Occupation: Nurse
Nationality: British

Nationality: British

Nationality: British

2) Patrick
Birth: 17th January 1942, Sadra, India
Occupation: Service
Nationality: Anglo-Indian
Marriage: At Civil Court of Valsad on 20th Feb 1971
Wife- Kanta Dadlani
Children- Kenneth and Anthony

Kanta Howie
Birth: 28th Oct 1949
Nationality: Indian

Birth: 27th July 1972
Occupation: Software Engineer
Nationality: Anglo-Indian
Baptism: 16th March 1991
Wedding: Neha Tailor

Birth: 23rd September 1974
Occupation: Service
Nationality; Anglo-Indian
Baptism: 16th March 1991

Child of Sarah: Steven
Birth: 21st Oct 1949
Death: 14th August 1998
Cemetery: CNI cemetery, near RPF ground, Valsad, India
Occupation: Business
Wife- Jasmin
Children- Kelvin and Ronny
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Patrick Alexander Howie (old)

Dennis Alexander Howie


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