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Iam looking for information on the family in Plympton of Delsia Katherine (Mumford)Cyrus born 1927.She passed away in 2010,in Radcliff,Kentucky,U.S.A.
Iam trying to find who her family is from Father & Mother,Sister's & Brother's,and back.One of her daughters has been a life long friend of mine & I would like to find Delsia's family heritage as a gift for her daughter on her birthday.Delsia's husband told me what he could but he is on in years & not sure what he told me is correct.All mentioned are deceased as far as I know Delsia was the last of her sisters & brothers to live.Her father was maybe Frederick Mumford he worked in clay factory I think,mother maybe Ena ?,brothers Terrence Mumford,maybe Les,maybe Bob or Eric,sisters Peg,Lulu,& Freda.They were raised a couple miles from the train station in Plympton.If some out there is related to this family please help me.I have been a very avid Family History Nut for more then ten years & have done wonders on my own family's,but have hit a brick wall with Delsia's because I have no idea who to start with,I have found many Mumford's in England but have no way of connecting them to her family.Many Thanks in advance for any help.
Posted by - Connie
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