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Reg or Eileen Slough
Fred Marsh & Son Turf Accountants circa 1936-1972
I have found a brother!
Now please help me find the 'man called Reg'
Or, anybody who can provide information on what follows please make contact with me,

I believe that the original 'Fred' was an alias for Elias Marsh b.1895, a coal miner from Crook, County Durham. It is said that he walked to Slough around the time of the Jarrow marches. He is known to have 'run a book' amongst his mining workmates. The post 1937 electoral role records him as living at at 15 & 17 Wellington Street, Slough - he died in 1960. His widow, Lily, was then still living at 17 Wellington Street. She my have died shortly after Elias, or in 1967. Upon her death the managing directorship of F Marsh & Son was taken over by their son Ramsey (b1923) who lived near St Leonards Hill, Windsor from about 1968-1971 - he died in 1985. In the course of this research, if completed, should make for some pretty interesting reading about human endeavour and waywardness. I have come tantalisingly close to learning more. Unfortunately death due to old age has beaten me. There is just a small chance that I might make contact with the people I want to through these threads. An informant writes: 'A man called Reg was sort of an adopted worker at the Slough office, he ran the office, can't remember his surname, his very nice wife is Eileen, if you could find them, they could give you a lot of information.
If anybody knows 'Reg' or 'Eileen', I really would be very grateful if they could let this message be known to them and if they or others with relevent info would please reply to it.
Posted by - Nigel
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