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Terence from Tunbridge Wells. Now, would be 76 or 77 years of age approximately. Blond?/Fair hair around the time of 1964/1965.

This is the last known information I have that was written in 1965 when Terence would have been around 23 or 24 years of age at that time and had been working in the Packington area, (1964/1965) nr Ashby-de-la-Zouch in North Leicestershire for about 3 months. He had a relationship with a female while there called Kate.

On the only written information I have from the time (written by a social worker from an adoption authority), was that he was "working on a model farm" there and it suggests that he had travelled from Tunbridge Wells, or roundabouts to work on a short term building contract there - this could have been in any capacity ... builder ... engineer or anything related to the work project. I don't know what this means, i.e. a model farm but possibly that they were trying out new plans for a novel or different type of building in that area.

He spoke of a sister and of being from down South, Tunbridge Wells area but I don't anymore about any other family.

If anybody knows, or has any information about Terence, please share it with me, I would really love to know more about him and ideally to meet him it would mean a lot to me.

Thank you,

Posted by - Sarah King
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