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I am currently researching the history of my father’s family, the Paines, who have been resident in and around the Worthing area since the early 1700s, and inter-married with a number of old local families. While I have a wealth of information already, I wonder whether any of your readers can help fill a few gaps.
The Paines are all descendents of William Paine, who is known to have been a blacksmith in Broadwater in 1725. One branch of the family carried on the business in Broadwater, eventually becoming Paine Manwaring Ltd, while my branch settled in the newly developing town of Worthing, becoming mainly auctioneers and printers.
In 1761 my great great great grandfather William son of William Paine, married Jane Parson of Holt Farm, Clapham. I know that several generations of the Parson family farmed at Holt during the 17th and 18th century, but I wonder whether the farm still exists and whether there are any pictures in existence.
In 1803 my great great grandfather, Edward Paine, was appointed Worthing’s first beadle and town crier. He was married to Ann Baker of Lyminster and named their youngest son Duke Edward. Their daughter, Mary Anne, married Edward Stubbs and they named one of their sons Robert Duke.
This seems to relate to the Duke family who crop up in various parts of West Sussex and appears to have some significance, since the name Duke continues for several generations in both the Paine and Stubbs families. However, the precise reason has so far eluded me, but perhaps one of your readers can help.
Finally, Duke Edward’s youngest son, my grandfather Walter Paine, according to his obituary in the West Sussex Gazette dated June 26, 1919, served an apprenticeship with your newspaper prior to setting up his own printing business in Worthing, where he subsequently published The Worthing Intelligencer, later known as The Worthing Observer.
If anyone can help or supply any information, I should be most grateful. I should be especially delighted to hear from anyone who thinks they may be related, however distantly!

Rosemary Pearson (nee Paine)
Posted by - Rosemary Pearson
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Gene Junction -
By Theresa
Hello Rosemary,

I am also interested in the PAINE family of Worthing. I only found my connection this week so I was very excited to find your request. I have searched the records for Saint Mary's in Broadwater and have found a lot of PAIN / PAINES / PAYENS records. I have been trying to piece it all together but it is rather confusing! From what I can see my branch of the PAINE family is:

1. William PAINE and Ann/e (of West Tarring?)(married 30 March 1725)

2. William PAINE (baptised 1731) and Jane

3. Jane PAINE (baptised 1769) (married John LAMPORT 24 July 1788)

4. Elizabeth LAMPORT (baptised 15 August 1790) (married William BLAKER of Sompting 24 December 1816)

5. Alfred BLAKER (1831 - 1907)

6. John Hinton BLAKER (1886 - 1837)

7. Joan Olive BALKER (1913 - )

8. Anne TEBBUTT (1943 - )

9. Theresa MILLS (1978 - )

Do you think I have linked the early generations correctly? I hope I have not gone in the wrong direction! I look forward to hearing from you.

Paine family
By pubs
Dear Rosemary
I have been attending St Mary's Church at Broadwater since about November 2007. I was drawn to this church and feel very attached to it. I volunteered to tidy up the church yard because I have a strong desire / interest to expose all forgotten souls buried in the churchyard. Give them a 'cared for' appearance. There was much ivy and brambles covering the gravestones. I was informed that it is a wildlife section of the church but there is a significant difference between 'wild life area' and overgrown / neglected. I carefully cut off the growth, scrape the tendrils off with a plastic scraper and then sweep down with a soft broom head. The next day when the night dew has dampened the stone and the sunshine has, for the first time in many years dried the stone, I read who was buried there and record the names. It is not also easy to read because the dates are 1850's. There is Elizaeth, wife of William Paine; William Paine and Duke Edward Paine also Rebecca, Jane and Harriet Parsons and many others. I feel close to these folk when I am tending the graves and felt I should pass onto this information. Are you local to Worthing?
Kind Regards Paul
By ammata
i am descended from William Paine and Jane Parson.
Do you know any more about the Parsons of Holt Farm, Clapham? How do you know Jane came from Holt Farm?
Paine Family
By BarryHyder
Hello Rosemary

A voice from the past! I am your cousin who lived next door but two at Myrtle Cottage (132) Salvington Road,Worthing. I have been researching my family tree for many years and have some information regarding the Paines (which it looks as though you already have) plus much more on the Bettelley/Boon side.

Kind regards
Barry Hyder

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