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Cameron, Barr
I have recently discovered that relatives on my paternal side, went to Philadelphia, and I would love to contact any descendants to share our family history.
I am looking for descendants from Cameron Barr, brother of James Barr who was born in Greenock 1869,son of Neil Barr and Janet nee Cameron.
my paternal grandfather was James Barr of St Lawrence St. Greenock
I believe my father had correspondence from these relatives until WW2, he was sent newspapers and we children received the comic sections, we were then living in Pattison Street, Dalmuir, Scotland, my father`s name was also James Barr, he married Laura Maud Gagan. father died in 1941. I have some photographs but do not know their surnames, one of a "baseball player" marked, Alex the second Yankee, and mother & daughter, marked Jean & Mary, are they connected?
We had a visit during the war from a Yankee soldier named Hank, but I do not know what his surname was, or where he came from. I fondly remember he gave me a shoebox of "candy" which was very much appreciated and enjoyed
Posted by - Maud Jarvis
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