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Ashacre Lane - posted by SUSANNAH
Does anyone have any information, stories or old photographs of Ashacre Lane. I'm not looking for anything too specific really, i live in the road and my neighbours and I would love to know what it looked like in the past, who lived there etc, especially the offington road end.

Many thanks
Posted by - SUSANNAH

By dizzy
Hi Susannah, I lived in Greenland road, the 50 and 60s. I worked in broad water so I rode my bike through ash acre lane twice a day. On the right hand side going towards offington lane there were Victorian cottages in a row(perhaps that's where you live)?
A fairly large bungalow on left half way down was owned by haulage company gambells? Or gumbrells?
Back towards the Selden shops on that tight corner was a large barn and was the scene of a suicide by hanging!!! Not much info but might help. Dizzy
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