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Queues - posted by David
I'm doing a research degree at York in Railways and Transport History and I am looking for information about queues - especially queues for public transport before 1939, including pictures. However any information or opinions about public transport queues will be welcome. My name is David Stewart-David and I live in Newcastle upon Tyne, but I'd welcome any information, especially if at some stage in you life you had to deal with queues, perhaps as a bus conductor or working at a check-in desk. All replies will be acknowledged. I'll use the information both for my studies and perhaps in further articles (I've alredy published several).
Posted by - David

By boxogor
The queuing system for buses, trolleybuses and trams was instituted in 1940 in Britain. Prior to that it was the fittest who got on the bus or tram first. My mother told me that once when she and her friend, each with a push chair and young child, were trying to get on a tram in Croydon, the conductor refused to let any one else on until they had boarded.
Some time after the war, the regulation requiring people to form a queue at a bust stop was repealed, however, most people still queue as it is the fairest way to board buses.
Queueing for cinemas shops, etc., still seems to happen, although I d0 not think that there is any regulation to enforce it.
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