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Gene Junction - - posted by David

I collect old photographs, I have just purchased a set of Negatives from glass plate to 35mm, from 1900 - 1940s, all from one source, the photographer lived or was butcher, at A Stalleys which was next to Pearks Grocers, and oppersite a public house, somewhere in East London, I am trying to find the location, any Ideas, I have googled it with no luck, but I found this site :~}

Desperate David
Posted by - David

Stalleys and Pearks somewhere in East London

The Public House and G. Everetts the sweetshop, opersite A Stalleys the butchers, somewhere in East London, 1920s


By Adeptris
I have found the Public House, it is called the Earl of Essex, 616, Romford Rd, London, E12 5AF, so anyone with any information on the photographer who lived oppersite, I would love to hear from

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