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Chippers Castle - posted by Stephen
For the purpose of tracing my family tree, I would love to have some information on Chippers Castle, Tarring, West Sussex. My mother's maiden name was Chipper, and they had been one of the largest families in Tarring up to the first half of the twentieth century. The "castle" was situated on ground where Castle Road, Chipper's Road & Chipper's Close is now.
If anybody has any information on the house, or any pictures of what it looked like, I would be extremly grateful. Thanks, Steve
Posted by - Stephen


By rob
Response by Rob Blann.
Chippers Castle is today a pair of flint cottages which still stand today near the bend in Castle Road.
Built early 19th century as a farmworker's cottage it was occupied in 1841 by Thomas Chipper, his wife Mary and their 5 children.
During the first part of the 20th century there was still a pond opposite.

By stevet
Thanks for that Rob. I know of the 2 cottages, but was under the impression that the "castle" was a seperate building. Do you know why it was called a castle?
I've come across Thomas & Mary in my family tree and I am a direct decendant from them. Steve.

By rob
If I find out why it was called Chippers Castle I'll post a response here for you. Rob
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