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Wades Garage - posted by Penny
I am trying to find out whether Wades Garage was located at what is currently 'Blockbusters' video store. I am intrigued by this 1930's building as it, initially, looks like the entrance to a cinema but I know it wasn't a cinema as the Rivoli cinema was closeby but on the north east side of the road and fell foul of fire decades ago but is the reason the flats there are named Rivoli Court - I just cannot find out what the 1930's building was used for.
Posted by - Penny


By rob
The entrance to Wades Garage was located on the east side of Chapel Road between Union Place and Market Street.

The building you are enquiring about beteen Stoke Abbot Road and Winton Place, currently occupied by BlockBusters Video store, was built as a Caffyns Garage in the 1930s and was used as such until the 1970s when Caffyns moved to Broadwater Road. The garage was then converted into a retail store plus a childrens play venue.
Rob Blann

By petengade
I think Wades Garage was roughly where Argos is now, Iremember seeing a top Germans supercharged bullet proof staff car on show in there just after the war.
Wades Garage
By binge321
The Show Rooms were in Chapel Road, but the large service are was in Union Place where the car park is now. This site joined the rear of the show room area
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