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treetops holiday camp - posted by Robert
I'm desperately searching for information about a holiday camp near Guildford called Treetops.

My mother is 60 this year and she holidayed here as a child. Treetops would have been open in the 1950s and the accomodation was a series of converted railway carriages.

If anyone can e-mail me any photographs of Treetops I would be very grateful
Posted by - Robert

By bodiamman
i was also there in the late 50s on a family holiday and also staying in a railway carriage!i was about 8 at the time. my father and his friends all did 'square dancing' as a pastime and we had a hoedown down there during a weeks holiday. as i recall the holiday was cut short as there was a forest fire which could be seen from the camp. my sister and i were bloody scared of it....i remember that!!
By bodiamman
there is a francis frith postcard picture on Flickr of the place
reetops holiday camp
By carolynlow
Well, I have emailed Robert on this. I am the daughter of the owners of the camp. Yes, remember the fire. My brother helped fight it and my mother ferried refreshments to the firefighters. I now live in a new house on the old site but one old chalet and a very ramshackle pool still exixts in the woods

In the mid 50's as a child I used to help serve and clean out those railway carriages. What fun!
Treetops Holiday Camp
By seanmmoyes
Stumbled across this site and saw the posting by carolynlow . I assume that you are Joyce's daughetr - Carol? Dont know if you remember me - Sean Moyes. I remember so wellyour pony, Jackie and your dog named Help. Odd things the mind latches on to. Hope that you are well and that life has been good to you.
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