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Hampstead Heath - posted by Neil Perera
I am writing a novel set in London in the mid-1960's. A lot of the action takes place in and around Hampstead Heath.

I would like as much informationas possible about the Heath at that time.


Neil Perera
Posted by - Neil Perera

Hampstead Heath
By Tony19
Hello Neil,
I was at Highgate School from the late 40's to the late 50's and used Hampstead Heath quite a bit from time to time. Memory is a bit rusty but perhaps a bit of oiling would help! Not quite sure what you are looking for but if that period could be of any help, let me know,
Hampstead Heath
By KeithML
Hi Neil,

Don't know if this will help, but there were/are 3 pubs at the heath.

Jack Straw's Castle.
The Old Bull & Bush.
The Spaniards Inn.

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