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Redriffe Road E13 - posted by Stephen
I am forwarding this request on behalf of someone who does not have internet access.

Would anyone know the history behind a plaque on a terrace of houses in Redriffe Road, London E13 dated 1884 that states that the property is in some way connected with the parish of St Mary, Rotherhithe? Rotherhithe is the other side of the Thames and we wonder what the connection is.
Posted by - Stephen

Redriffe Road E13
By SarahMary
The houses in this and [parts of] adjacent streets were built by the Rotherhithe Housing Trust, which built properties in various bits of east/se London. The Trust remained landlord until the London Borough of Newham purchased these houses in a v cheap bulk lot in late 1978/1979. All tenants became council tenants on that date.

The sale may have been due to the high cost of repair/bringing up to standard. As so often in the 1880s, the houses were built as two "flats" within the house, but had no bathroom, just the one shared outside loo. They were not kept in a good state of repair by the Trust since the war, when many of the houses were lost esp at the front end of Redriffe Rd and environs. Rents were very low indeed by the late '70s. Obviously individual tenants were often able to do repairs and improvements themselves. After Newham purchased these they embarked on a slow process of rehab turning them into three bed houses, enabling them to 'decant' older tenants where possible into 'more suitable' flats. Arguably this disrupted and changed the old community there, however, it made many larger houses available for local families. These and the original tenants remaining soon purchased most of these houses under the Right to Buy.
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