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pond lane,durrington. - posted by Susanne
i am trying to find out the history of our thatched cottage in pond lane,durrington,we think it is around 300 years old, dose anyone have any information on it .many thanks.
Posted by - Susanne

thatched cottage, Pond Lane, Durrington
By rob
What number Pond Lane is it? Do you have any past or present photos of it?
What information about it do you already know?

Rob Blann
thatch cottage ,pond lane,durrington
By susannehunt
only has the name thatch cottage although i did find out that it was called Durringmere cottage,but someone changed it in the 60's.we do have some old photo's of it which are wonderful,when it was just a lane with wild flowers growing both sides. there is a lot of interest in what we are doing to the cottage by everyone all around as it was in a very bad way,we have had it rethatched and are busy clearing years of overgrowth everywhere.we have had it rumoured that it is mentioned in the doomsday book,as a woodsman hovel!do you know anything about this ? Susanne.
By dizzy
Hello Susanne, sorry I don't have any info on the cottage,but I remember catching tadpoles in a jamjar from the little stream.we lived in Greenland road and a friend of my parents lived right at end of pond lane and he was a gamekeeper.I would be talking about the 50s.
Happy days,a wonderful village to grow up in
Good luck with the cottage.
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