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Latchmere Grove - posted by Tricia
Latchmere Grove Battersea should be on the map, but it has dissapeared. My grandmother and mother lived there in 1940. Was it bombed in the war?
Does anyone know the fate of Latchmere Grove Battersea?
Posted by - Tricia

Latchmere Grove
By crystal
Hi there,

Sorry to have to tell you but Latchmere Grove no longer exists - it's now called "Falcon Park" and is an open space. My great Gran, and my nan lived there between the wars - maybe they knew your family? Hope the above is of some use to you.
By caroldawson
It was demolished in about 1963 - I used to live there and we had to move out when I was a child.
I lived there with my mum, dad, older brother and the woman we rented the downstairs of the property from - Bart.
latchmere grove battersea
By 19477
does anyone have any photos of latchmere grove that they would like to share especially from around 1911 I have just found out that my granddad lived there at number 51 or 57
at that time his name was arthur slade
By jackbutchers
i am trying to trace a cousin ,her family lived in latchmere grove. the family name is crowley .her name is valerie , my mum also lived there.
105 Latchmere grove
By foxtrot
I am seeking information on Patrick Hargan and Ellen Bull who were living at No 105 Latchmere Grove in 1950. (source 1950 electoral roll )
any information would be really appreciated
105 Latchmere Grove
By appleton
Hi Foxtrot. I lived at 105 Latchmere Grove im the first house. We used to call her "Nanny Bull" although we were not related. I was only 10 when we were moved out to Balham in 1960. I think she died a few years before but I can't remember anyone else living there.Our houses were the last to be demolished because they were owned by British Railways and I think leased to Jacobs the Landlord. I don't remember Patrick Hargan but I will ask my dad when I see him today. He is 100 years old and his recent memory isn't too good but his earlier memories are quite good.
By appleton
Spoke to Dad yesterday. Patrick was a lodger and worked on the railway at Nine Elms. The Old lady died in the mid fifties and the house, with no electricity connected, was re-let to a guy who was in the Army. My Dad drilled a whole through the wall in the living room and passed a light cable through it and charged the people a shilling a week for it. Where Patrick Hargan ended up we don't know.
7 latchmere grove
By happyjack
Hi, just come across this site. My father and his family lived at No. 7 The Bradens. I was brought up in the Midlands but we always visited Nan & Grandad every year. I remember Jenkins & the Mumfords opposite and Grace & Frank had 2 sons Graham and Geofrey lived at the bottom of the Grove. Cant remember surname. Does anyone remember the lady who made toffee apples by the pub.
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