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Land Army Sussex WWII - posted by Angela
I would love to find out anything about my father whom I never knew and know nothing about.
My mother died in November 1955 keeping in her heart the secret of my birth. I believe my father was an serviceman, American or Canadian, but I can't be sure.
So with encouragement from my daughters, I'm looking for any information about my mother from anyone who knew her.
Ethel Helga Christofferson Madsen, known as Helga Madsen, was born 7th October 1918. The first address I know was 11 Harwood Road Littlehampton Sussex, then we moved to 28 Griffin Crescent when she married Paul Keyes.
She was a Land Army girl during the second war but I don't know where. I assume in Sussex. I was born December 1942.
So please, if anyone has any information about Helga Madsen, please get in touch with me.
Posted by - Angela


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