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The Armitage - posted by Terry
Good afternoon,can anyone help me please.I am trying to find out whether or not The Armitage home for the blind is still in existance in Worthing.
My grandmother was living there in 1967 when she died,so I know that it was of course that it was still there then.My wife and I are trying to complete our family tree and now we have come to a halt.Perhaps you can help

Many thanks
Posted by - Terry

The Armitage
By robblann
Hi Terry,
The Armitage Blind Home used to be on the seafront. The building is still there but now converted into flats and called Claydon Court. Its address is 108 Marine Parade.
Rob Blann
By hillclimbing999
Thank you so much for the information it is really appreciated,at least now we can check our papers with the correct address you have provided.Once again many thanks,and we hope you get this message as we have never used this site before.

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