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Consumption hospital at Worthing - posted by BRENDA REDFORD
I would like any information about Worthing’s consumption hospital called St Raphael’s in the 1890s. I came across it in my family history searchings where
we found reference to it in the 1891 census. My great grandfather Edward Goodchild was listed as a patient at St Raphael’s hospital for consumption. The hospital’s address was given as Westbrook, Broadwater, Worthing. Emuneration district 9, East Preston. The residents in 1891 were:-

Marion Hetts Matron (head) age 64
John McGuire Servant Hall Porter age 55
Jane Cuthbertson Servant Nurse age 34
Sarah Smith Servant Cook Domestic age 55
Blanche G Ratcliffe Servant Housemaid age 23
George Lindweyer Patient age 30
Harry Tring Patient age 40
Jubal Buller Patient age 46
Edward Goodchild Patient age 41
John Laver Patient age 40
Caleb Legge Patient age 20



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