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Shopwyke House - posted by Clive
I am looking for any information or personal memories with a connection to Shopwyke House, near Oving outside Chichester. The house is now Westbourne House School, but has had a colourful history. I have already found a mention of it on but I am desperate for more. I am interested in absolutely anything in relation to the building, the grounds or the people that lived there!

Posted by - Clive

Shopwyke House.
By tnorris
I was a pupil from 62-66. Much smaller then. Had kitchen gardens (run down then),stable block, dogyard, found remains of feature garden (Victorian or earlier?)Only 72 pupils. Found bits of the German aircraft that crashed outside the dining hall during WW2 (bit of shrapnel and radio ID plate still on the wall at Murrell Arms, Barnham). Tangmere still operating then, Hastings, Beverly, Argosy, Meteors,Vulcans,Canberras. Before I left we charted the whole 68 acres. Anything else you want to know?
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