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Mill Cottages Sandon Staffordshire - posted by Rita Franci
Is there anyone who has any photos or information about Mill Cottages Sandon,Stone Staffordshire, I have been told that the cottages were demolished for either a road or car park, I was born at number 3 mill cottage in 1956 surname Jones. Also information on the Lock Keepers house Mr & Mrs Brown how lived there in 1956.

Rita Franci
Posted by - Rita Franci

mill cottages
By l0ckc0ttage
Hi there I can tell you that all the mill cottages are still standing. I think number 3 is the cream building with the dormer windows, all these cottages are owned by sandon estate and are rented out as homes. I should imagine not much has changed these since the 50's. As for the lock cottage we bought if from British waterways and are now living in it after renovating. If u have any old photos of this area would u please share them with us. If u want any photos of around here I would b willing to take some. Hope this helps many thanks Steve
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