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Life in the 1920's - posted by Pam
I am writing a book set in the 1920's, and would be grateful for any information you may have about the everyday aspects of life at this time; social activites, shops, work etc, particularly concerning women.

Posted by - Pam

life in the 1920s(pam)
By shirley
Hello Pam,What sort of women is your book primarily concerned with?Can you be more specific ,I would like to help if i can .i am also writing about late 20s-30s Shirley
life in the 1920's
By Gwyn
Hi Pam my late father born 1913 wrote about village life in Llantrisant on Anglesey when he was a child ,all written in Welsh but I have with my sister started to translate to English his first years at the village school and having to attend church every Sunday . He writes about the characters of the village and its visitors ....if you wish to have a copy , please e-mail me
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