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Harmonica group - posted by David
I remember, when I was younger, seeing a group (possibly four or more guys) on TV (in glorious black and white) who played all manner of shapes and sizes of harmonicas - some absolutely huge, like several bricks end-to-end! In fact the big bass ones may not have been true harmonicas at all! I seem also to think that there was a comedy element in there and I think they appeared in various "variety" shows of the time.
Who were those guys? This has got to be around the late fifties, I would have thought

Posted by - David

Was it 'Harmonicats'?
By OldStopfordian
I too remember that wonderful act and yes, there was definitely a strong comedy element, including as I recall passing the various sized ones down the line, with feigned perplexity form the 'non-experts' and other hilarious 'business'; one guy even used to pretend he'd swallowed a minute one.
I remember them being on TV at my uncle's one Saturday when we were all gathered there and, following my uncle's example, and much to my auntie's annoyance, we laughed until our sides hurt!
Sadly I can't really recall the name but seem to have a very vague recollection of it being the leader's name and then the word "Harmonicats" .
Sorry I can't be more definite, but thanks for prompting a glorious memory!
Harmonica group
By davolente
Not sure whether there was a group called The Harmonicats. Doesn`t ring any bells......but.....(ta-da!) try Morton Frazer`s Harmonica Gang.

I take no credit for this. Another posting on another site brought results (and more than a few memories back - like yourself!) Tempus fugit, as the saying goes!
Harmonica group
By davolente
Just noticed my posting name has changed. I am the original David who posted the original query.

By scorpiodog
There were also The Three Monarchs.
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