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Reciprocating a link to Past Times Project

If you have a website be it personal or business that is related to nostalgia, historical interest or local areas then we would be happy to consider reciprocating a link with you. If you are unsure whether you would be suitable for us to link to then please feel free to e-mail us first with your website URL.

In order for us to reciprocate a link to your website you will need to do the following;-

  1. Put a link to us on your site using the instructions below.
  2. E-mail us with the URL of the link to us and details of how you would like us to link to your site.
Please contact us if you have any queries about sharing a link to Past Times Project.

How to link to us

We require a text based link although you can include one of the graphic buttons below as well if it is more fitting for your site. The link should direct to our site URL and not another page on your site to perform a redirect.
Please do not change any of the text or link URL's as they have been optimised for search engines.

Link phrase:-

Past Times Project - For finding past friends, for exploring the library of people's preserved lifestories and memories, for finding heritage attractions to visit, for seeking missing genealogical links, for seeking answers to questions about the past, for seeking lost persons, and also for seeking a companion.

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