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Seeking Lost Persons
Shirley is possibly from the Edinburgh/Haddington area, has a sister Jean and gave birth to a son in/around mid 70's in Edinburgh. Like me, both Shirley and Jean came through the Social Services (Childrens' Homes) and Shirley spent some time with me in a hostel in Portobello, we also flat shared in Easter Road, Edinburgh. She knew Andrew Traynor in the 70's. She is approx. 5'3", has beautiful green eyes, heart shaped lips and dark brown hair. Her skin tone is a light tan.
Shirley, where are you? I have thought about you many times over the years, miss you greatly and would love for you to make contact with me. We were very close at one point, would like to make that connection again. Anyone recognizing this description or knows her whereabouts,please get in touch.
Avril Mitchell (nee Mulvey)
Posted by - Avrill
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