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anthony osbourne
I am looking for my brother, 6ft tall Black male apx 51 years of age. Born and raised in Nottingham, well spoken, very polite and dark skinned. He as lots of family still residing in Nottingham and we all miss him, last heard of living in London but I am not sure how secure that information his, he could literally be living anywhere. I am his older sister, Beverley, and the last time I physically saw him was in Nottingham, when my youngest daughter was 15, and she is now 30 years of age. He wears glasses and he his very short sighted, he also knows how to drive, obviously I do not know if he owns a car now. I still reside in Nottingham, and IF anyone recognises any thing familiar about this profile/person then please feel free to contact me on my mobile number 07535499173. Many Thanks
Posted by - Beverley
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