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Andrea Gilliam Rafferty
I have lost contact with a pen-pal and dear friend of 40+ yrs. Andrea Gilliam Rafferty is 59 yrs of age, has two daughters: Dale and Lyn, and was married to a Barry Rafferty. Last known address Lyndale Equestrian Centre, 97 Station Rd. Kippax, N. Leeds, Yorkshire, England LS257LN. Andrea works in healthcare. PLEASE if anyone knows of this family please contact me. All my letters are returned address unknown. I visited with her in 1985, and lost contact in 1991. Thanks for any help. Nancy Bailey Lewis—USA
Posted by - Nancy Lewis
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Seeking Lost Persons
By Dale
Hi Nancy

A friend of mine found this notice and let me know about it.

I believe your looking for my mum now known as Andrea Howells, she re- married an old flame from when she was a girl called Vince. I've spoken to her and she said to pass on her details.

She doesn't have email, but I do, so if you contact me at the email address I'll let you know how to get in touch with her. She's really happy to hear from you

Take care

Dale Rafferty
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