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Graeme Ian Whitworth
HI I AM TRYING TO LOCATE OR TRACE MY HUSBANDS FATHER. His name is Graeme Ian Whitworth and was born 1948 in Rochdale and we have been told by my husbands mother that he had a brother by the name of Micheal (born 1938 and we think a sister by the name of Christina(born 1943), his brother Micheal we know had twin sons in early sixties possibly called Micheal and David. Graeme Ian Whitworth we understand emigrated to Australia in the 1970s but may be back now He also married a Lynne Charmer in 1967 and split from her before meeting my husbands mother. My husbands name is Justin and my name is Sharon and we have just had twin sons ourselves 12/04/2005 so therefore would like Graham to know he is a Grandfather. Can Anyone Help?
Posted by - Justin Whitworth
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