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Adrian "Adge" Bellchambers
I would love to know if one of my mates from the 1960's is still about somewhere. Adge was a good drummer and played in a couple of Bands based in the Winchester (Hampshire) area in the late sixties. He may have turned professional as he was exceptional. He worked in a small men's clothing shop called Sydneys in Winchester. I lost touch with him around 1972 when I moved to London.
Posted by - Roger Simmonds
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Seeking Lost Persons
By Kevin
I used to work with Adge until about 1981. We were in a band together called Venus and Mars. The band split up and Adge went back to Winchester.

If you find out were he is, let me know. I'd like to get in touch too.
Seeking Lost Persons
By Trevor Anderson
I used to be his best friend, well one of them :-)

He and I used to practice his drumming in the basement of the YMCA in Winchester.

Lost track of him in 1972 also, when I moved to Edinburgh.

I would love to know what happened to him.

IF anyone has any info, please email me at
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