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Shelia B Law
Lost contact over 10 years ago, Has three plus children, two of which are called Zara and Ryan. Her partner at the time was Matthew R Law, he worked for Legal and General, they lived in Patching, W. Sussex. We met when she started worked at Wallis and is the godmother to one of my children. They lived at the time in Burgh Heath, Horsham. She has two sisters, one lived in or near Farnham. Was nicknamed the barbie dolls, and her parents lived in Kingston. Has done promotional work in the past, and looks like "Patsy" from Ab Fab!
Let past be past, move on with the good times, would really like to find where my old pal is, we shared many a cooking recipe, and a glass of wine, wine, wine or two!
Posted by - Tania
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